About the Park

We are very excited to say that this project is fully supported by our Town Council. We could use your support too!

We are very excited to say that this project is fully supported by our Town Council. We could use your support too!

Skateparks have become the norm in towns and cities alike — not only in largely populated urban centers, but in small town Canada too. There are 10 million skaters in North America between the ages of 10 and 18, and skateboarding is the third largest participant sport in North America among 10 – 18 year olds.

Phase one Design Rederings from Spectrum Skateparks

Phase I – Construction of a 2775 sq ft ‘street’ plaza, incorporating 25% of original design

Some History

Several years back a mini-ramp constructed of wood and sheet metal was set up for skateboarders & BMX bikers. It was first located in Gemmil Park and then moved to the parking lot beside the Almonte Arena.  It was a popular spot with skateboarders. Every day you would find many kids improving their skills – dropping in, tailsliding, doing a manual, a bunny hop, or a kick flip — having fun and getting exercise by doing a sport they enjoy.

As of Sept 29th, 2009, this mini ramp was removed to make way for arena improvements — displacing the many riders who enjoyed it.  Our town, for the most part, is not skate-friendly.  "No skateboarding" signs can be found in downtown locations and property owners discourage youth as their equipment can result in damage to curbs. Forcing our youth to continue to practice on our busy streets is dangerous and negligent.  Now that the mini-ramp structure is gone, there is no clear place for skaters to go.

Gemmil Park

Almonte, Ontario
K0A 1A0


What Are We Doing About It? 

A number of activities are happening and more on are on the way. Check out the list of activities below  and find away to get involved to help us achieve our goals sooner!

  • Encouraged Mississippi Mills Parks & Recreation Department to provide summer bus strips to other skateparks in Ottawa, Gatineau & as far away as Madoc, for our youth at a low cost to participants – this has taken place every summer since 2009
  • Organized a meeting with the OP Community Services Officer and youth to discuss the rights of private property owners, and responsibilities of skateboarders
  • Held public forums to engage Almonte residents and familiarize them with this initiative
  • Secured location for the skatepark within Gemmill Park on municipally owned land
  • Kicked off fund-raising with a Mushroom Compost sale in the Fall of 2012
  • Engage local youth through presentations to local schools, and through working with TYPS, & created a database of interested youth
  • Hired Designer Firm, Spectrum Skateparks Creations Limited, of Vancouver, BC
  • Started the grant sourcing and writing process
  • Planned fund-raising events to take place over the next year 

What's Next?

Our goal is to be ready to break ground for the Almonte Skatepark in 2016.
Be part of the movement to make it happen!